A plan for the investment house.

There’s a certain panic in the air right now, all the lip service Ive been paying to these game changing  house projects I’ve talked up.
Up to now Ive had all kinds of things in my path, like Christmas shopping- the holidays- holiday take-downs and put-aways, and finally the Super bowl. So now I think I need a plan.

Being in the industry my whole adult life, Work is work and generally I move in directions that utilize materials I have or are available to me.
Next the degree of difficulties due to obstructions. Ultimately comforts can also be measured by resetting the grief meter with nearest critics; the wife and neighbors.
So any way to get out of the hole making traction, has potential benefits.

For me this year that project is the house next door.
The house was in bad shape when we bought it, and we bought it mostly to have control over it (bad experiences with previous owners).
To date the work done consists of a new septic and sewer piping to it, and 3 new skylights.
My next project is raising the floor to take a huge dip out of it. After assessing the structural situation. The real problem with the floor leveling is the previous attempts which were done wrong and now create a huge obstacle to undo.

After looking at the problems with trying to level on top of the floor, my newest approach will be to work perpendicular creating a beam directly under a wall and jacking up the beam from 2 new concrete pads, then supporting the beam with 2 mini posts.

If I’m lucky this just may make the leveling above the floor minimal by comparison.

This is my time of year to set up mini projects with in a project, besides the floor leveling, Ive taken advantage of material sales and stock piled drywall and doors to install after the floor leveling.
Besides that, I have my eye out for deals on roofing and paint.
By procuring the material now I’m mentally committing myself plus I’m trying to thoroughly think through the mini projects and once I start up I should be able to roll from one to another.
Well I guess were all arm chair quarterbacks in January, but now that’s done and this is my plan to get on a roll!
Ill keep you posted,

Another view from a loose screw!

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