I’ve grown to appreciate Inspectors.

I don’t know about anyone else, but mention an inspector and my first reaction is cop!  In my many years in the trades I’ve come under the scrutiny of different inspectors plenty.  I really had to grow a lot not to take them personally.  Imagine that, someone with the audacity not to accept judgments made by me.

On the road to here… I’ve felt picked on, and nitpicked; subjected to egos, attitude and politics.  In the end I came to the conclusion, that they weren’t here to work against me ‘ but to provide a service for the public.  At this point, tough doesn’t bother me as long as the inspector is consistent.

Without inspectors, the public is left to believe whatever the developer/contractor wants to tell them.

Property inspectors are very crucial at this time with an uncertain market many juicy foreclosures and a lot of pitfalls without safety nets.  A property inspector could  bring real sanity to a new buyer who is reaching without contingency, as to the actual condition of water heater, furnaces and appliances etc.

That’s just 1 example,  but inspectors provide a valuable service and deserve a thumbs up!

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